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GuaSha a traditional Chinese eastern medicine healing method in which trained professionals use smooth edge tools to assist in recovery of the body. High Intensity training, repetitive forces on the body generate over time can cause stagnate energy that creates inflammation slowing down the recovery process, increasing injury exposure and may be associated with pain and or discomfort. GuaSha allows the body to stimulate healthy blood flow to associated affected areas increasing natural healing and recovery allowing optimal athletic performance and recovery.

Services Price List:
Services Price List
High School All Star: 50 Minute Assisted Stretch Price $85 Elite College: 90 Minute Assisted Stretch + 15 Minute Guasha/ Cupping Price: $145
Professional Rates: Please inquire Directly APR Lifestyle Signature: 30 minute Stretch + 30 minute Sports Massage Price: $90
Weekend Warrior: 50 minute Stretch + Full Body Vibes Price: $100 Sports Massage 90 Minute: Price $150
Sports Massage 120 Minute: Price $200 Cupping 30 Minute: $50
Cupping 60 Minute: $100 GuaSha 30 Minute: $100
GuaSha 60 Minute: $150 Assisted Stretch 60 Minute: $105
Assisted Stretch 90 Minute: $120