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Cupping- Is A Type Of Chinese Alternative Medicine, In Which Cups Are Placed On The Skin For A Few Minutes To Create Suction. It Helps With Pain, Inflammation, Blood Flow, Relaxation And Overall Well-being. Cupping Therapy Removes Harmful Substances And Toxins From The Body To Promote Healing.

Services Price List:
Services Price List
High School All Star: 50 Minute Assisted Stretch Price $85 Elite College: 90 Minute Assisted Stretch + 15 Minute Guasha/ Cupping Price: $145
Professional Rates: Please inquire Directly Weekend Warrior: 50 minute Stretch + Full Body Vibes Price: $100 APR Lifestyle Signature: 30 minute Stretch + 30 minute Sports Massage Price: $90
Sports Massage 90 Minute: Price $150 Sports Massage 120 Minute: Price $200
Cupping 30 Minute: $50 Cupping 60 Minute: $100
GuaSha 30 Minute: $100 GuaSha 60 Minute: $150
Assisted Stretch 60 Minute: $105 Assisted Stretch 90 Minute: $120